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Whenever you have a power outage or you are noticing that half of your home has electricity and the other half doesn’t then this is likely due to an electrical problem. Rather than troubleshooting this yourself, contact Schembauer Contracting and allow us to troubleshoot the problem for you. Most homeowners will not know how to deal with electrical issues and shouldn’t take the chance of being electrocuted.

You can receive all the answers that you need by relying on one of our qualified professionals to aid you in troubleshooting and resolving the matter. We have a team of certified electricians who have the know-how to assist with your electrical issues, which is why you should rely on us when you experience any type of electrical issues. You may not realize that you have an electrical problem until you look at your utility bill and notice that the bill is high. This is when you should contact us.

Residential Electricity

The local utility service in St. Louis no doubt provides you with power to your home. This is extracted from a central power meter that disburses energy into your house. A master circuit breaker provides as much as 200-amp from the breaker box. If you should happen to blow a fuse then they are effective in locating the breaker box and finding the appropriate switch to turn the power back on.

It isn’t uncommon for a circuit to trip, which is why it might have to be reset from time-to-time. The entire house gets its power from your home’s breaker box. If you’re experiencing any other type of residential outages, this might be due to a problem with the central system. If you have checked this out and it is not then the next thing to do would be to contact us.

Electrician St Louis

Affordable Electrical Services

We know that you are probably thinking that it would be impossible to find affordable electrical services in St. Louis but we assure you that it isn’t when you know who you can turn to. Many in the area rely on our local contractors when they want affordable electrical services. This is because we offer some of the most affordable electrical services in the city. We’re aware of what others charge and we always beat the competitions pricing.

Although we are not in a pricing war, we must show our customers how much we want to work to provide them with the help that they need. You don’t have to go far to find the help that you need, as we are just a phone call away and can quickly attend to your service needs. An electrical issue can be major or minor, we would never know unless we were able to come and assess the situation for ourselves. This is why you must contact us first. We’ll stop everything to provide you with the services you need. We know that there are other contractors in St. Louis but our services are preferred because we offer affordable pricing.

Efficient Electric Services

We may be a little biased about the quality of services that are offered to you by our electrical contractors at Scheumbauer Contracting because they offer such efficient services. Regardless of the extent of your service needs, you are sure to receive the most efficient electrical services by relying on us. We know everything that we need to know about electricity and wiring, which is why you can count on us to offer you the most efficient electrical services possible.

When you can’t quickly resolve the matter yourself, the next best thing to do is rely on an expert who can. They will know the safety precautions that should be adhered to so that they are not harmed and that no one in the vicinity is not harmed. Get what you want from our team of experts. They have received the training needed to effectively address your most complex electrical needs.

Hiring Our Experts

Hiring our experts at Scheumbauer Contracting ensures you of getting what you are paying for. Some service providers will provide you with the services you want but in the process, deliberately create another problem. This is unethical and should never be tolerated.

This is why we show our customers what the problem is and explain it to them. We do everything out in the open and offer full transparency. When you hire us you can be sure that we will offer you effective electrical services. We offer you our service guarantee.

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